No “FILTER”- Bawdy.

I grew up with the misconception that beauty is skin deep. Yes I said it right Misconception. I grew up thinking that certain “add-ons” were not necessary and that adding enhancements such as makeup and weave were just that.. enhancements. Enhancement: to raise to a higher degree; intensify; magnify: Though my mother wore makeup it was […]

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Yes. I will be the first to admit it. Post-Secondary  RUINED my life. I remember grade 11, university application seminars, College Fairs and student teacher conferences concerning post-secondary. I remember the bittersweet feeling that came from knowing that  I was FINALLY leaving the hell that was high-school.  Don’t get me wrong High-School wasn’t a bad […]

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26 Things 26 Taught Me.

I have got to be the most PRO-Birthday person I know. I genuinely enjoy holidays but most of all I  love Birthdays. Every year I do a countdown from January 1st, reminding my mom, dad, sister and friends of how close my special day is. I don’t know if its because all my birthday memories […]

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Parents vs. Passion

I want to be a painter. I wanted to be a race car driver. I wanted to be a fashion designer. The list of what I thought my potential was, was endless.. Being young and a dreamer I thought I could do it all just like the kids on Barney and all other juvenile programs […]

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Everyone has their own personal reasons for liking and potentially disliking the season that is Spring. For me.. Spring means/meant One Day Closer to My Birthday ( April 17th) I don’t have to use my car starter BUN AND CHEESE TIME Easter MORE BUN AND CHEESE FRIED FISH AND HARDO BREAD One Season away from […]