Rise of the Video Vixen: Black Female

Disclaimer: This Post may not be for everyone, There may be things said that may offend some! CAUTION: View with an open mind! Four years ago while Attending York University I took an “African American” class that dealt with the lives, struggles and progresses of African American peoples. Being a black woman I thought this would […]

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My BIG Black Face

Growing up and looking at the effects of Popular culture on the formation of the physical facial features of black woman I am not surprised that so many cosmetic surgeries were happening when I was younger.  I recall people like Janet Jackson investing in changing her nose, and lips and cheeks to conform her looks […]

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Who Likes Blogs Anymore?

I over-analyze. Or at least that’s what I think. I could possibly just be looking at things normally and everyone else isn’t. I cry way too much. It doesn’t matter what the movie, book or play may be as soon as a romantic scenes come a discharge of moisture comes out of my eyes and […]

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