The Value Of Life.

I never realized just how precious the Gift  Of Life was until It was almost taken away from me.

Some of you may not know but November 11th 2015 my life was almost taken from me in a car accident . 

My entire life , all 24.5 years have been spent sheltered. By sheltered I mean in the physical sense that I wasn’t allowed to do ANYTHING, as well as I was so protected and covered that I never had to go to the hospital, never got in an accident and never broke or tore any major body parts . Not to say that there aren’t others who have been sheltered and didn’t face any pains and aches that led them to the Emergency, but in my case I wasn’t the one. 

While my friends around me had to go to the hospital for various reasons I was always a child that never had any allergies, was barely ever sick and never went to the doctors unless it was for a routined check up . I never had anything majorly ever wrong with me and for my entire life I was utterly thankful. 

On November 11th 2015, my pregnant at the time sister and I were driving to pick up a few stuff for her baby and some groceries to cook dinner. While driving on a main intersection in Missisauga, Ontario and proceeding through the lights a “soccer mom” was trying to drive through the lights as quickly as possible and ended up almost ending my life as I knew it . 

Many times I have heard people go on and on about life changing experiences that almost cost them their lives. I have heard about people getting into unexpected and expected accidents and seen the “battle wounds” as proof of their pains. If I never believed them at first, the cuts and bruises and stitches come as a reminder of the incident that cost many bodily set-backs. 

Gazing up from my iPad I felt the car SLAM head first into the side of the mini van. Smoke filled the front of my moms 2015 Jeep Cherokee, dust lingering in the air, the aftermath of the impact. Coughing I quickly grabbed my purse off my lap screamed to my sister to get out the car and swung the doors open. Tears immediately started pouring out of my eyes , confusion written all over my face as I watched liquids ooze from the front of the once brand new car. It was at that moment my heart became heavy and I paced back and forth from the street to the sidewalk lost for words and utterly confused. 

I was speechless.

It took 5 minutes for it all to register to me , 5 minutes for reality to hit and for me to register the series of events that just took place. 

The tears stopped . 

It was at that moment that I came to the realization. Not of the fact that my moms new car was totaled, not of the fact that I was in the middle of no where’s land in a bad accident without my parents but it was then God reminded me of the Value of life. 

That night my parents could have lost 2 generations. That night the lives of my sister and I and her unborn son could have been taken without warning or permission. 

It’s moments like these that I become even more thankful and even more understanding of the Gift of Life. Many people feel like having the opportunity to be alive and have good health is a given, they don’t understand the concept of life as a opportunity and a privilege. 

I say all of this just to say be greatful. Realize that every waking moment you have to spend with the people you love and cherish is a new opportunity that you will never have again. 

We take life for granted, we push things off, hold animosity and talk bad about the people around us. We don’t realize how little our time on earth really is and how little our time to master being the BEST we, that we can be is. 

You never know when it will be YOUR time. 



Food: Honey BBQ Ribs with Homemade Potatoe Salad .

I told myself that I would start eating healthier, said I was going to cut back on the fatty foods and sugar filled beverages and work on my “beach body” for the big 2-5.

Last night ( Feb 4th) I came home from a long exhausting day and knocked OUT for around 3-4 hours. By the time my subconscious was awaken it was 4 almost 5 and my belly was screaming out for a meal. Having had leftovers from Sunday’s quinoa I refused to let my cooking go to waste and demolished the leftovers with a piece of lemon chicken ( something my sister cooked from the night before). The quinoa however was short lived in my belly and before 6 o’clock came my expanded stomach was growling begging me to fill it up with anything of substance.

The freezer in my basement houses most of the meats and proteins bought in the Harper household. After deciding chicken was played out for the week I settled for some pork ribs, hoping to have a southern bbq styled dinner.

Dinner stopped being cooked in my household on weekdays when my sister and I were in our early teens and our lovely mother decided that we were old enough to cook for ourselves.

As I go back on topic.

Deciding to make those Ribs Contributed to my failed attempt at being healthy and having my “King B” body .

Lici’s BBQ Pork Ribs


1 rack of Pork Ribs


Scoth Bonnet Hot Sauce

Brown Sugar

3 cloves of Garlic

All Purpose Seasoning




BBQ Dry Rub

( I may be missing some Ingredients.. My Memory is hazy)



  -I am working on my Presentation and Food Photography Skills- 
Finished Product. 

I devised to make a simple quick 4 types of potatoe salad and topped it off with a few slices of Fresh-avocado. 
Bon appetite . 


Esther’s Eyes:

So… For my last year of University I had to write a book for one of my classes. Being the creative but EXTRA female that I am, I had to go ALL out, and by all out I mean the works. I designed a cover, had it printed in a small physical book size EVERYTHING.



Without Further Or do…  Esther Eyes.

-Not reflective of any real life events.. all Fiction…

Click Link Below…



FOOD: Ground Beef Stuffed Red Sweet Peppers

Now. I briefly mentioned that this Blog will be about FOOD, FASHION AND FAITH.. Meaning that every week or maybe even a few days a week ( depends on my school schedule) I will be ranting on and on about something from the above categories.

Sunday January 31st at the Harper Household was my night to cook.

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a chef! I repeat I am NOT a chef!

Seeing as I am turning 25 in 2 months, the pressure to get my “sexy” on is at an all time high leaving me with no choice but to hit up the GOOD OLE GYM!

Sunday after a very uplifting Church Service I found myself wandering into Fortinoes ( Canadian Grocery Food Chain).  The cause of this last minute trip was brought on by my desire to have my body on level S for my Birthday Dinner.

Level S: One Level above Level P-pretty, Two above Level C-cute.

After going back and forth in my mind with myself I knew that eventually all the Late Night Snacks and avoiding the stairs to take the Good Ole Elevator would catch up to me in some way and potentially ruin my “figure”. 

The thing about me though is that I need motivation… I can assure you I will never want to do anything by myself especially when it comes to fitness and body image. So after deciding enough is enough and  glaring at my muffin top through my bathroom mirror I decided to start my “diet”. 

What kind of diet? You may be wondering.. What could I be doing to lose weight and to specifically lose it in all the right places… 

Alicia’s Diet 2016:

  • Eat less 
  • Workout more 
  • Cut back on pops and sugary drinks 
  • Eat more veggies than meat 
  • Pray more often ( my spirit needs cleansing too) 

To kick start my attempt I decided to try out a recipe I saw a few girls at my school eating. 

Stuffed Sweet Red Pepper

Ingredients :

3 whole Red Peppers

1 box of organic Quinoa 

1 pound of Lean Ground Beef

1 jar of Vodka Tomatoe Sauce

1 pack of MAC and Cheese Shredded Cheese Mix

Seasonings: Thyme,Paprika, Cayene, Jerk Seasoning, Seasoning Salt, Salt, Pepper

To quickly sum up how I made the stuffed pepper…. 

  • Cook the Meat
  • Clean out Pepper
  • Cook quinoa 
  • Add all ingredients into pepper 
  • Top with cheese 
  • Bake for 20 minutes 
  • ENJOY!!! 


side note: I had a garden salad with avacado, sunflower seeds , dried cranberries and feta cheese on the side . I also drank some home-made pink lemonade . <— lemons burn calories .