The Best of February/March: Fashion Diaries 

A lot of people question where I get some of the stuff I wear from. Having a mother who is the number 1 fashion diva has positively contributed to my life. Bits and pieces of my clothes can be found from all over Canada the US and The UK. 

Considering I have someone asking me where I shop once a week I thought it would only make sense to share some of my top February/March outfits and tell where I got them from for reference if anyone is looking for anything similar it just wants to try some new stores. 

Every few months I try to switch up my style , changing my look and hair styles to see how many different personas I can acquire and encompass . 

Jacket: Forever 21

BodySuit: American Apparel

Jeans: Guess 

Boots: TopShop 




Belt: Zara

Sweater: Forever 21

Pants: Forever 22

Boots: LolaShoetique


Hat: River Island 

Jacket: Mendocino

Skirt: Aritzia 

Heels: Zara 


Vest: Gracia NY 

Dress: MomsCloset 

Heels: Sam Edelman 

Coat: Jessica Simpson


Oversized Shirt: Aunts Closet 

Boots: Moms Closet 

Glasses: Ray Ban

Purse: Bebe 

Booty: Natural ( lol) 



Dress: BCBG 

Boots: Lola ShoeTique 

Necklace: ASOS


Jacket: Boohoo

Jeans: Levi’s 

Sneakers: Puma 


Jacket: Forever 21 

Jumpsuit: Boohoo 

Heels: Nine West 

Belt: BCBG 

Dress: Zara 

Heels: Miss Guided


Cape: BCBG 

Dress: Forever 21 

Heels: Zara 

I will be sure to share more bits and pieces of my “fashion” side with you guys in the future. 






Who Am I? 

Life is what we make IT? How we live our lives is ultimately up to us. Growing up I always dreamed of having this lavish life. I could recall on many occasions playing Barbie’s and playing dress up and making Kelly and Barbie and sometimes on a good day even Tommy live this extravagant life filled with champagne, cool parties and designer clothes. I recall moments when my sister and I would steal between one and four dollars from my dad’s coin chest and hop on our bikes speeding down the Mississauga streets making our way to the Sheridan Mall to splurge on Barbie Clothes, Dollarama gum balls and anything else we could get our little hands on. My Childhood was filled with fairy-tale moment, days that I had zero worries and constant guidance and protection from my parents. Growing up my parents did their best to ensure my sister and I had the best, we were never wanting of anything, never left hungry thirsty or unclothed. I thank them for that. I spent most of my adolescent years trying to find out who I was, where I wanted to go in my life and what steps I needed to take to get there. I felt like If I wore a “bra” I would be a woman, If I ignored my feelings people would like me more If I dressed a certain way guys wouldn’t only see me as the tall black girl in Ms. Kettles English class.I wanted to be seen and appreciated. Having long hair and nice clothes wasn’t enough for me, I wanted more. I was always the girl that stood out, I don’t know how or why but I did, I didn’t know if it was even a good thing.
High school couldn’t have come at a better time and with moving up a grade I got introduced to new things about myself that I was otherwise oblivious too. Boys started noticing things about me that I didn’t notice about myself, parts of my body started filling in, in places I had only prayed for. This 5 feet plus girl that was once a size zero was finally getting a shape. AMEN. New changes brought new attention, I mean what female doesn’t love attention, who doesn’t like people noticing things they didn’t before, who doesn’t love admirable and adoring compliments? 

 Years passed and new relationships were built, some long lasting, others temporary, each teaching their own unique life lessons.

In 2014 for the first time in my life I got my heart broken. . I got into a relationship, invested years hoping to create an ever after happily only to have my heart ripped out and shattered with years of memories and keepsakes packed up in my mental and physical storage. Yes. I know I said it backwards. I thought that love looking for me would be a sign, an affirmation that maybe this fairy-tale life I always dreamed of would actually come to pass. I can honestly say that one of the most painful things is when love turns sour and leaves an aftertaste that regardless of how much Listerine you gargle does not go away. 

As I got older and reality started to kick in, my wounds started to mend and the shelter and protection of my parents faded away I slowly realized that the fantasies of my childhood were just that… Fantasies. Life slowly started to teach me that not everything I wanted I would get. One day I would have to get a real job, one day I would have to move out on my own, and one day I wouldn’t be daddy’s little girl anymore.
Perseverance Pushing and Pondering would put me in a place of no return, a frightful place filled with fear, uncertainty and confusion. Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? My mind would wonder and before I knew it I would take on feelings and emotions that I didn’t want, need or desire. Life has a way SLAPPING you in the face and giving you a wake-up call that puts everything in perspective. Maturity taught me that anything I want I have to work for, experience taught me that broken hearts do mend all you need is time. Beyond my faults and imperfections Life has taught me that I am strong, I am skilled but not over qualified, I am a listener and a contributor, I am creative and friendly, I overanalyze but take constructive criticism, I am organized but not obsessive, I am bold and adaptable. I Am Alicia Sarah Harper.

Toronto Men’s Fashion Week

Toronto has some very very talented individuals, singers, dancers, rappers and most of all fashion designers.

Last week I was blessed with the opportunity to be the Designer Relations Assistant for the three  days of TOM( Toronto Men’s Fashion Week) . Now if you aren’t into fashion or even public relations you may not even know what the designer relations sector of TOM is or why it would even be of importance….

Accompanied by my two managers and team of around 10 volunteers we ran ” things”  No really I know you may be laughing like OK Alicia.. Relax. BUT IF YOU REALLLLLLY THINK ABOUT IT.. The designer relations department was one of the most influential and needed departments of the fashion week. In our department we handled everything designer related from: ensuring they were on time and ready for their fittings, to helping them get in and out of the show. I mean we were kinda like a big deal.

I’m joking. Be humble Alicia . 

This Seasons Shows allowed me to not only network with some of the major names in Toronto Fashion, but also meet some incredible models ( and may I add they were very appetizing to the eyes), Socialites in the Toronto fashion world and be-friend some cool and interesting individuals.

Being someone whose heavily obsessed with clothes shoes and everything fashion related having the opportunity to see the behind the scenes that go into planning and facilitating these big shows was a blessing that I did not take for granted .

We had over 17 amazing designers take part in the show and each came with their own unique flare and personality in their pieces.

I thought I would share some small bits and pieces from TOM with y’all just in case you never got the chance to attend any of the shows..



I didn’t add a lot of pictures of the designs you can find most of them online @tomfw on Instagram .

Being able to meet new people, dress up ( which is ALWAYS important) , network ( which is important as a PR professional) , and have an excuse to be downtown was well worth it in the end .

Until next time TOM!






Food x2 : Chicken Penne Ah La Vodka/ Bacon Cheeseburger Stuffed Cheeseburgers 

Being on reading week has given me the opportunity to cook some more which is always a plus. 

The imaginary diet that I claimed to be doing completely went down the drain when my parents decided to go grocery shopping and pick up a whole bunch of Meats and treats they know will do nothing but add fat deposits to places on my body where I do NOT need them. 

Back to our regular programming. 

This week in Alicia’s Kitchen I felt very festive and fun and had my food reflective of such. 

Sunday nights Menu: Penne ah la Vodka with Baked Chicken and Veggies 

1 pack of penne pasta 

1 bottle of vodka pasta sauce 

8 pieces of chicken

Assorted seasonings ( may vary depending on the person) 

String Beans 


 Finished Product: 

Disclaimer: I am NOT a Food photographer ! Nor will I use my fine china to make the pictures appear more “posh”. 

Monday’s Dinner: Homemade Bacon Cheeseburger Stuffed Burgers 

2 pounds of lean ground beef 

Assorted seasonings 

1 pack of Maple Lodge Bacon

1 pack of Kraft Mixed Cheese 

1 container of mushrooms 

1 pack of spinach 

5 buns ( any type will do )  

Finished Product:



The Tall Girls Club 

If you’ve never been the tallest girl in the room you probably wouldn’t understand this feeling. 

From the day I graced planet earth with my prescence in 1991- April-17- I have ALWAYS been tall. 

Long legs, long torso, long arms, shoot everything on me has just been LONG. I was always the tallest girl in my classes , I’m pretty sure the boys around me were afraid  to talk to me because I was so tall. Puberty didn’t make things better for me at all because while all the girls around me were getting boobs and spreading in all the right places I was just getting longer and longer and longer and longer and longer. I felt as if God must have really hated me to make me the one child of both of my parents that had to be the tall long chest and hip less string bean. 

Even though I knew I wasn’t tall and ugly, I still had an issue with my height.  I wanted to look and be like everyone else, an identity crisis you could call it. I was so  mentally conformed to societies ideals on what’s the ” norm” when it came to looks and height and esthetics that I couldn’t appreciate myself for the woman God made me . 

Some girl want to stand out, they would do anything to be seen in a crowd and be defrentiated from the rest. There are many females who pay to enhance and draw attention to certain aspects of their body that they hope will gain attention from the people around them. My height has always been something I could never really change, being born tall I knew I would always be tall regardless of how much I would try to physically appear shorter. Flats and taking pictures beside  people who are naturally tall can only be affective for so long before the reality of my life hits. 

It took me almost 18 years to love and appreciate my height. I have been made fun of, called an Amazon woman, asked if I play sports and if not that I was wasting my height, told I was a string bean , called anorexic.. You name it. 

Now at age 24.5 I LOVE <- in CAPS my height. I may often be the tallest girl in the room but I stand out. I may be able to see every flake and track and speckle of dandruff in people’s heads BUT I’m fierce . 

Being tall has turned out to be a blessing in disguise, something I once loathed turned out to be my best attribute as the years went by. 

Tall Girls Rock