The Tall Girls Club 

If you’ve never been the tallest girl in the room you probably wouldn’t understand this feeling. 

From the day I graced planet earth with my prescence in 1991- April-17- I have ALWAYS been tall. 

Long legs, long torso, long arms, shoot everything on me has just been LONG. I was always the tallest girl in my classes , I’m pretty sure the boys around me were afraid  to talk to me because I was so tall. Puberty didn’t make things better for me at all because while all the girls around me were getting boobs and spreading in all the right places I was just getting longer and longer and longer and longer and longer. I felt as if God must have really hated me to make me the one child of both of my parents that had to be the tall long chest and hip less string bean. 

Even though I knew I wasn’t tall and ugly, I still had an issue with my height.  I wanted to look and be like everyone else, an identity crisis you could call it. I was so  mentally conformed to societies ideals on what’s the ” norm” when it came to looks and height and esthetics that I couldn’t appreciate myself for the woman God made me . 

Some girl want to stand out, they would do anything to be seen in a crowd and be defrentiated from the rest. There are many females who pay to enhance and draw attention to certain aspects of their body that they hope will gain attention from the people around them. My height has always been something I could never really change, being born tall I knew I would always be tall regardless of how much I would try to physically appear shorter. Flats and taking pictures beside  people who are naturally tall can only be affective for so long before the reality of my life hits. 

It took me almost 18 years to love and appreciate my height. I have been made fun of, called an Amazon woman, asked if I play sports and if not that I was wasting my height, told I was a string bean , called anorexic.. You name it. 

Now at age 24.5 I LOVE <- in CAPS my height. I may often be the tallest girl in the room but I stand out. I may be able to see every flake and track and speckle of dandruff in people’s heads BUT I’m fierce . 

Being tall has turned out to be a blessing in disguise, something I once loathed turned out to be my best attribute as the years went by. 

Tall Girls Rock  


One response to “The Tall Girls Club ”

  1. ELtarrance Smith Avatar
    ELtarrance Smith

    Yes Tall women always have and always will rock. Keep rocking those heels Tall ladies.


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