Toronto Men’s Fashion Week

Toronto has some very very talented individuals, singers, dancers, rappers and most of all fashion designers.

Last week I was blessed with the opportunity to be the Designer Relations Assistant for the three  days of TOM( Toronto Men’s Fashion Week) . Now if you aren’t into fashion or even public relations you may not even know what the designer relations sector of TOM is or why it would even be of importance….

Accompanied by my two managers and team of around 10 volunteers we ran ” things”  No really I know you may be laughing like OK Alicia.. Relax. BUT IF YOU REALLLLLLY THINK ABOUT IT.. The designer relations department was one of the most influential and needed departments of the fashion week. In our department we handled everything designer related from: ensuring they were on time and ready for their fittings, to helping them get in and out of the show. I mean we were kinda like a big deal.

I’m joking. Be humble Alicia . 

This Seasons Shows allowed me to not only network with some of the major names in Toronto Fashion, but also meet some incredible models ( and may I add they were very appetizing to the eyes), Socialites in the Toronto fashion world and be-friend some cool and interesting individuals.

Being someone whose heavily obsessed with clothes shoes and everything fashion related having the opportunity to see the behind the scenes that go into planning and facilitating these big shows was a blessing that I did not take for granted .

We had over 17 amazing designers take part in the show and each came with their own unique flare and personality in their pieces.

I thought I would share some small bits and pieces from TOM with y’all just in case you never got the chance to attend any of the shows..



I didn’t add a lot of pictures of the designs you can find most of them online @tomfw on Instagram .

Being able to meet new people, dress up ( which is ALWAYS important) , network ( which is important as a PR professional) , and have an excuse to be downtown was well worth it in the end .

Until next time TOM!






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