Food: Chicken Parmz

I know it’s been a minute since I’ve posted anything good related. I can honestly say that school has had me so busy I haven’t been able to even fully boil 2 eggs properly. 

Easter Long Weekend gave me the chance to experiment with meats and foods again and prepare a nice meal for my family. I like to try new stuff in the kitchen, shying away from the basic spaghetti or “oven chicken”. 

Grocery shopping on Saturday Night was trying perfect opportunity for me to not only cook but also ensure my family was eating something that wasn’t drenched in saturated fats and oils. 

Alicia’s Chicken Parm

4 pieces of Chicken Breast 

1 pack of Gluten Free Pasta

1 jar of Italian Vodka Sauce 

1 whole scotch Bonnet Pepper 

2 pinch of natural sea salt 

3 tsp of Paprika

A dash of All purpose seasoning 

A dash of Jerk Seasoning 

A dish and a dash of other Random Stuff


Finished Product. Lici’s Chicken Parm! 

I am really hoping to enhance my cooking skills 

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