Food: Not so…CHIPOTLE style Steak Burrito Bowl

I am not a fan nor will I ever be of the establishment that is called Chipotle.

I feel as if it is a cult, something that brainwashes everyone and makes them all crave their moderately flavored food.

Don’t get me wrong their burritos taste nice BUT nothing beats a home cooked meal seasoned to your liking with only the best in spices and seasonings.

Last week also known as my last week of College, I decided I needed some brain food and decided to make my own home made interpretation of Chipotles burrito bowl.


1 pack of Spinach Pita Wraps 

2 packets of Steak

2 Uncle Bens Spicy WholeGrain and Quinoa Rice 

1 Pack of Mini assorted Sweet Peppers

Cracker Barrel Habanero Heat Cheese

1 Can Black Beans

1 Can Peaches and Cream Corn

1 Large Red Onion

1 Pack Grape Tomatoes

Sour Cream

4-5 Aluminum Trays




Voila et Voila et Voila.


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