The Single BoyFriend

There has been a common trend that I have noticed with alot of men in this day and age. This is not a general reflection on ALL MEN.. But just a observation on a faithful…few.

The Single Boyfriend is what I like to call this class of man.

What is the Single Boyfriend you may be wondering? Whats the point of this post? What does it have to do with any of you? If you think this post is about you.. it probably is . No no I’m Joking it’s Not. 

Unless you want it to be . 

According to The Alicia  Urban Dictionary:

Single Boyfriend: A man who is currently in a relationship but has the actions, words and thoughts of a single man.

Ex: Billy slides into Kelsey’s DM’s every other week but Billy is dating Cathy. Billy is a Single Boyfriend.

Its a epidemic. It starts off with one guy and slowly spreads to another and then another and another. What fuels this epidemic? Social Media. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat shoot even probably Habbo Hotel.. <- Throwback.

This disease doesn’t affect men who are single but targets men who have significant others, are married or are “claimed” by someone.

One of the criterias to be the prey of this disease is you have to have social media and the potential for wandering eyes syndrome. Once you log on to or sign up for a social media handle and “they” see that you have someone special in your life .. you’re prime real estate. 

I’m going to get serious now. I think I’ve made a good amount of jokes as it is. 

I feel that the constitution of marriage and relationships has died. Social media has made it harder for people to stay faithful and monogamous in their relationship. Men now have access to viewing other woman around the world they couldn’t see before. There is NO filter…so half naked , booty injection filled, fake everything else including personality females are taking over . 

I can’t blame them. I can’t blame the females for showing the bodies they were born with .. or paid for .. it’s theirs after all.  I can however  question why men who have someone already are allowing themselves to get drawn in , showing signs of lack of gratification and not being satisfied with what they already have. 
I have had men who are married, engaged , dating and even courting message me with the goal of trying to get to know me .. while “cuffed” to another woman. 


That’s how I see it. 

And I feel that any woman who can knowingly entertain a man whose not theirs knowing he has someone doesn’t deserve to be happy. 

Sounds harsh. 

I know. 

You can probably tell this post is a collaboration of annoyance, confusion and questioning. 
It makes me wonder what’s missing within their relationship why they feel the need to reach out to other woman? Why slide into her DM’s and tell her how nice her dress flows on her backside? 

Why send her “hey big head ” texts elaborating on how long it’s been and how much you miss her ? 

Why tell her you guys could do stuff and your girlfriend won’t have to know ? 

My heart goes out to every female who is dating a Single Boyfriend. To every female who thinks her mans checking the ball game score but is really sexting… or snap chatting another woman. It hurts me to know that loyalty is not common anymore , that commitment sounds like a joke and that honesty is an old folks tale. 

Sometimes I would look at myself in theMirror  and wonder if I had “side chick” written on my forehead in invisible ink why these things seemed to always happen to me .
I wanted happiness, true , pure genuine , no catch, no confusion , no hidden girlfriend I don’t know about.. happiness. 

My journey of being single has been prolonged due to things like this that have made me question if it’s really worth me hanging up my jersey and taking on the cloak of being some guys “Bae” or even his “boo”. 

I’m not writing this to be vindictive , nor am I being petty or irrational. 

I am writing this because I was a victim… of a Single Boyfriend.

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