Finding Myself: The Journey to Natural Hair 


It is finally a new year and I am one year closer to 30.

*Insert Sarcastic Excitement*  Yaey

Every year I set goals and aspirations that I want to achieve before or by the end of the year. 

It’s either something to do with my businesses or potential business ventures or to do with my personal life.

This year my list isn’t that long and I wont bore you all with what I have planned BUT I will talk about a new “journey” I am starting or have started February 1st 2017.

For the majority of my life I have had permed or texturized  hair. From the day I was given the chance to perm my hair in grade 8 for my graduation I took the offer and relaxed my tresses hoping to tame my hair to look more “acceptable”.

All my friends around me had their hair “tamed” and I did NOT want to be the one left out…I loved the sleek look that having perm or texturizer gave, felt empowered almost inferior to finally be equal to my non black counterparts.

I wanted my hair like the Mixed Girls who could wear their hair curly one day and then wear it jet straight the next almost on demand. I didn’t want to have thick puffy hair, hair that got frizzy when humid and had turned into a unmanageable  ball when wet…

Side Note:I consider myself blessed to have good genes and to blessed with fast growing hair, because God knows the amount of stuff I have done to my head I should be BALD.


The day I will forever remember as the day I decided to ignore society’s standards of “beauty” being  defined by straight hair chemically processed hair and embrace my inner  NATURALISTA. 

I can admit this journey will NOT be easy and I am not yet ready to let go of my extensions but I will finally know how it feels to properly love, care for and properly nurture my “glory”.




Until next week.



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