Rise of the “Follow Fashion Fad Finders”

Disclaimer:Do NOT Take Offense to anything I am writing, not EVERYTHING I write is FOR everyone. I apologize in Advance.

It has come to my attention that we are living in the era of the Fad Finders. You are probably wondering: 

What is a FAD FINDER?

Is that a person? 

According to my own personal urban dictionary, a “fad finder” is :

One who seeks the newest Fad ( intense, widely shared enthusiasm for something , especially one that is potentially short lived) and aims to either profit off so it or shows a sudden unknown desire to want to heavily pursue what is considered “in”. 

I have never in my 20+ years on this planet we know as Earth seen so many people pursuing the same thing so rapidly. 

I know we are taught to be supportive of other business ventures and applaud the inner entrepreneurs in everyone but… when everyone is doing the exact same thing.. 

I believe strongly that God gives us all unique talent and gifts to use to further our lives and potentially further his kingdom . 


When there are 10-15 people living in the Same area doing the same exact thing….


I use Jamaica restaurants as an example. I live in Brampton, ON and in a 5 mile radius I can count 5 different Jamaican restaurants . 

You will have : 

Joeys Jerk which is 2 light down 

Maggie’s Manish Wata across the street

Bens Beef Patties by the highway 

Cathy Curry Goat next door 

Funny enough most of the restaurants sell almost the EXACT same stuff , some better than others some limited with quantities and flavor profiles.  

Not everyone needs to have an establishment and what is worse is that some of these businesses that open and create the most “buzz” don’t even last up to 5 years . 

This same example goes for people around the GTA ( greater Toronto Area) as well as worldwide. Many ventures are started not out of passion or love for the venture but more so because it is “trendy” and everyone else is doing it. 

Note: not everything that glitters is GOLD . What may look exciting and promising may cause more stress than anything else.. take it from me . 

I have seen so many “bakers, hair extension gurus, clothing companies, accessory companies and even IG models pop up and disappear in the span of months right after a certain “fad” starts to fade out. 

I am not saying people can’t stop doing certain things and decide to change their minds for whatever reason.. 


In the years when IG clothing boutiques were in a all time high I had never seen so many non fashion lovers all of a sudden open up a “DM to purchase” boutique selling the exact same stuff that their friends or others in their circle have already been selling or previously sold. People would rather do their own thing than help build the business of others around them and promote their growth and vision.

I have never seen so many business owners who start a business but who own nothing in all my years. 

To me there is a difference between passion and the pursuit of a paycheck. Many will do things that inspire them , things that motivate and push them to be the best that they can be and reach for the stars. Then there are people whose love for money surpasses  their love for whatever the craft they are embarking on is and they do what they do just because it can provide income… <-I’m not talking about these types of people , they’re people with entrepreneurial hearts. 
I’m talking  about people who lack originality and feel the urge to be their own “boss” without any business plan, call to action or even vision.

These people live for the excitement , these people feed off of others , these people .. are the follow fashion Fad finders.. 

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