Ugly Truth: Males and Females CANT be Friends.


Lets Agree To Disagree….

Guys and Girls Cant be friends..

I am sure there are at least 2 people reading this who are shaking their heads no, completely disagreeing with the statement at hand. They probably think Guys and Girls can be besties, having pajama parties, pouring out their hearts to one another and all that “Jazz” without any emotions involved.


The topic of male female friendships is a very touchy subject. Throughout my 25 years on earth I have only had ONE Male friend that I know of that has not had any form of emotional feelings towards me on any level other than friendship. Now I am not saying there isn’t a girl and guy somewhere in the world who has a male friend whom they hold a platonic non sexual or emotional relationship with, I am merely saying I don’t agree that its as possible and “innocent” as we make it out to be.

Not to pick on men but the nature of most men is  sexual. Even if they don’t always show it there is a hidden itch inside most men’s minds that can often cause their minds to  wonder and stray. Friends or not if you find someone attractive .. then you find them attractive. There Is no way a guy can have a girl as a friend who has all the qualifications of what his ideal woman looks like and doesn’t ever think

A wise old man once said best friends make the best lovers, and this can be seen when two people branch off from being friends to dating.

And there is NOTHING wrong with that ^.

For Me, Alicia Sarah Harper, it becomes an issue when you find yourself being thinking “What If”.

What If we were more?

What if It worked?

What if I told him/her that I like them?

What if they don’t like me back?

What if it ruins our friendship?

Once questions start to populate your mind, for me that’s when its over. I have seen really good friendships ruined over emotions, people who have been friends for over 10 years have a lasting bond ruined because someone “caught feelings”. The worst thing is when you like someone and the feeling isn’t reciprocal.

I think that’s why I am so confused about the topic of Male/Female friendships or more so males and females being “Best Friends”. Someone is bound to catch feelings!

Imagine spending hours daily with the same person, pouring out your heart to the same person, having people break your heart and confiding in the same person, joking around playing with the same person, and to add more cherries onto the cake.. the person is attractive.. that’s when it has problematic potential.

If you give that “friend” the time of day, try to come on to them or jokingly profess your love to them I can promise you that there is a very high chance that they may feel some type of way or probably even start to fall for you.

This is Just My Opinion Though.. I would love to know what others think!

Shoot me your opinions!



3 responses to “Ugly Truth: Males and Females CANT be Friends.”

  1. Alicia, I totally agree. Not saying it can’t happen but for the most part it doesn’t work.

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  2. This is a great perspective. I grew up with only brothers and I have always had very close male friends (no naivety – both parties viewed it as STRICTLY platonic). What I’ve learned is the secret to males and females being friends is to reach a point where you truly view that person as family. When they become like a brother or sister to you (attractive or not), the option does not enter your mind to take it further. I am always the girl who the girlfriends/wives of my male friends trust to hang out with their spouse. I know this is not common for the majority of people, but it is definitely possible.


  3. I think this is a great subject. One that needs to be had more on an even larger scale. Thanks for bringing it to them forefront! I do think it’s possible when there is a clear understanding provided by both parties to each other. That clear understanding then provides a basis by which the furthering of that friendship is then determined. But it can be done.

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