People put you on a pedestal as soon as you get a little bit of “fame” or have more than a certain amount of followers on social media . Sometimes being “known” isn’t as good as it sounds, and having people know your life story and your business could potentially backfire . 

I can assure you growing up I was a nobody. I was a regular tall, loud but quiet, shy but outgoing girl who felt fortunate to have had the world handed to her from a young age.

I wanted

For nothing . 

I had two supportive parents who made my sister and I their number 1 priorities ensuring we went to a good school, had clothes and food .

I don’t recall growing up and envying anyone for anything thy had . I was that at peace with my life. 

Getting older and becoming more aware of my surroundings and the pressures of society especially as a young black I started to see things that I never saw before . 

I was always that kid that had a bit too much energy, a broad imagination and a tad too much attitude. I wanted what I wanted , I liked what I liked and I was so secure in my thoughts . Granted I was the giant of the class with braces I knew who I was and I knew my capabilities.

Or so I thought. 

Imagine at the age of 11 having someone tell you that you aren’t as precious and talented and unique as you felt you were. 

Imagine having your thoughts and dreams shattered and being labeled as a Troubled child by someone who was set in place to help educate and protect you. 

Mr. Morris .. that was his name . 

The man who made me feel incompetent .


“You will never amount up to anything” “anyone who ever told you that you would lied” 

Detentions. Suspensions. You name it. 

He made me feel like the many years of private school and the decision  made to make me skip a grade  was a mistake. 

They didn’t know what they were doing .. how could they if he said that I’m a bad girl.

I promise you I cried so much then, distraught and emotionally scared at the words of a teacher. 

He hated me.

He hated the potential he saw in me to be someone . 

He hated that I wasn’t a pushover , took no crap from anyone and didn’t allow people to “run” me. 

That’s the number of times I got suspended between grade 6-8. 


Believe me when I tell you I was NOT a bad child. I didn’t cuss off people. I did my homework and I was always on time for school. 

Misunderstood .

That’s it.

That’s what it had to have been. 

He couldn’t understand me . 

He wanted me to be a statistic. 

S. Surpassing 

Rejecting , renouncing and refusing to accept the words that were called upon my life. I wasn’t the troubled little girl that they made me out to be , I wasn’t confused, dangerous nor was I destructive. 

E.x. Expectations 

The mind set and ideals set up by society and those around me dictating what they thought I could and couldn’t do .

“They don’t want you to win” -DJ Khaled voice. 

 But I won anyways . 

They didn’t want me to graduate from High School.

But I did

They didn’t want me to get into university. 

But I did 

They didn’t want me to graduate  from   University. 

But I did

They thought it would end there .

They thought I would do nothing with my time. 

They didn’t want me to go back to school again.. 

But I did

They didn’t want me to graduate .. and with honours 

And I did

The mind sets of those around me were limited to what they thought they saw in me. They didn’t want to believe that I could be anything greater . 

At age 16 I finished high school.

Turning 17 only 2 months before my graduation. 

At age 23 I started my First business venture . 

By age 25 I had already had 2 business. 

If I had let the words and negativity of those around me get to me only GOD knows where I would be in my life right now. I decided to live by the acronym



– Surpassing Expectation.. Rejecting the Negative Words called upon my life and EMBRACING the will and calling God placed on my life.

Remember I TOLD YOU.. Im going to make it big.

Live to S.E.X. <– puns intended. 




3 responses to “S.E.X.”

  1. Tatiana Tracey Avatar
    Tatiana Tracey

    It’s so sad, that an individual that your parents trusted to groom, teach and to encourage that the skies the limit would do the complete opposite. Those negative words, days in detention and suspension were just the stepping-stones for what god was planning for you. Continue to be how you are. Continue to voice your opinion, stand out in the crowds, and be different. I haven’t known you for a very long time; in the short time I’ve known you I can say that you have accomplished a lot while looking fabulous and I truly admire you. Keep reaching for the stars.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Tat ! Love you


      1. Love you too 😘


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