Operation Body TIGHT &RIGHT!: Journey To 150..5

Next to my bank statement, my weight is the next thing that fluctuates the MOST in my life.

I remember in grade 9, being a double ZERO slim and trim with a head full of hair and  mouth bombarded with braces. Over the last 15 years I have gone from very slim to slim.. to getting a little meat on my bones to now being thick..

NOT Slim Thick.. THICK!.

178 pounds to be exact.

I know.. wow a female actually admitted her weight


You could imagine the horror I felt weighing myself having just been 155 pounds in 2016. Food somehow became my best friend, late night road gatherings my comfort.

How did this 5’11 girl go from 155 to almost 180 pounds?

I am an emotional eater, I have concluded that when I am happy..


The second I get sad or someone breaks my heart I cant even drink a cup of water properly.

Side Note: Maybe I need to be sad more often?

 The older you get the slower your metabolism is. I am 4 years from 30. I CANT afford to get fat now. I need my body to remain the way it is until I get married and have kids.

I’ve always had issues with my weight growing up , not like serious serious issues but enough issues to cause me to have moments of insecurity and uncertainty. There have been days when I was happy with the way my body was looking and then other days when I felt I had a little too much cushion for the pushing. 

Every summer I tell myself I am going to work on my “beach body” get my abs right , bum tight  and calves pronounced. Every summer I tell myself I’m about to go crazy in the gym , sweat up a storm and perfect my body to the level I know it should be at … 

….and every year I do nothing. 

June 12th 2017 

The day I started “Journey to 150” 

Everyone has their personal feelings about personal trainers, some think they are the way to go others think they’re a waste of money.  When I reached out to a good friend about potentially training along with him at first I was scared, my body has always been a sensitive subject  and the thought of another man having to see all my imperfections ans flaws on a weekly basis caused me to be uneasy. 

I didn’t want anyone to know how much I weighed and how painful my weight gain was.  Being tall everyone assumes I can’t weigh more than a certain amount, laugh at me when I say I am on a diet and shake their head when I talk about the belly fat that I need to loose. 

Imagine being 5’11 and almost 200 pounds with a body type that harbours your fat in your hips, cheeks and belly. Having a family filled with “Big-Boned” woman doesn’t make it any easier on me. 

I promise you , even taking pictures of how I look now and seeing myself in the mirror I’m shocked at how I allowed myself to get to where I  am. In all 26 years of my life this has got to be the heaviest I have ever been … 

This journey is about to be painful, long and tiring but I’m excited for the results to come . 

Journey to 150.. I’m ready for you. 

Stay tuned for more updates, nutritional posts and videos of me attempting to workout 🙂 

Special shout outs to Nana from Road 2 Glory Fitness for helping me in my goal to achieve my ideal weight. 



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