Looks With Lici: Summatime Edition

As a Food Faith and Fashion Blog I realized I've spent most of my posts on things to do with food and my faith and even personal experiences and have neglected s the fashion component of my blog.

Last weekend I shot with who I believe to be one of Toronto's top 10 best photographers Emmanuel also known as @1000amps_ 

Emmanuel has been one of my newest go to photographers because I feel he captures the essence of what I am trying to portray at any and every shoot that I do with him. Last week I went for a more casual but fashionable look with my 3 outfit changes that I did during our 2.5 hour shoot. I feel like a lot of people see me as overly conservative, someone whose outfit choices are predictable.

As much as my inner Beyonce wanted to do a swimsuit or Lingerie shoot and show the world whats being hidden underneath all these clothes.. My Inner Mother Teresa had to kick in and tell me to relax myself.

The Theme for my Shoot was "Looks With Lici: Summa-Time Edition", It was a chance for me to showcase some of the clothes that have been collecting cobwebs in my closet all while finding an excuse to get my makeup and hair done.

Special Shout-Outs to Shanna my amazing makeup Artist for the Slay

You can find her work on her Instagram page here


For this shoot I wore 3 different ensembles that highlighted three different styles that I try and re-create.

My first Look was a more daring " I wannabeRiRiButImNotAboutThatLife" Look


I wanted to look edgy but at the same time still give off the illusion of class.


I paired a Rocker Tee with a over sized Denim Coat Stolen from my Moms Closet and a Caged Corset Belt. Trying to add a little "class" to my ensemble I threw on a pair of Cinderella "Glass" Slipper pumps. Because I am all about branding and promoting my own brand, I had to slip on my SbySim Shades  to complete the look.

Shirt/Dress: ASOS

Jeans Jacket: Moms Closet 

Corset Belt: @Kannbutik


Glasses: @SBYSIMM

My Second Look was more "Conservative"  in my opinion. My Go to clothing pieces are always higher waisted body-con skirts, as they hide my mini pudge and give the illusion of my waist being slimmer than it is. My mom recently picked up a super cheap Black Skirt over the last few days which happened to fit me like a glove.


Pairing it with super old but super cute denim and leather bustier I slipped into some old Thick heeled pumps and called it a day.


If you guys knew how old that bralette top was, It used to match the cutest Denim/Leather Skirt.






Skirt: GUESS




Rapping the shoot up, we decided to switch locations and drive somewhere a bit more accommodating for the look I was going for with outfit number 3. In Mississauga there happened to be a Latin Festival going on by the Living Arts Center where I wanted to take the last of my pictures.

Being the natural comedian that I am I made it a must to take some pictures that looked Latin inspired to enhance my Ruby Red outfit. By this time I was dying of heat stroke, my makeup was "oxidizing" and my hair was blowing with the wind… and not in a good way.

Because of the clothes and shoes I had congregating in the front of the jeep I couldn't even plug my curling wand in to give myself a touch up.


No one could tell me I wasn't channeling my inner Mamacita when I was taking my pictures. I was having too much fun if you ask me.

The most exciting thing Is finding certain pieces for cheap prices  especially when you're working with a budget, which is what I try to do weekly when I am shopping for myself. I'm not Rich and I don't care to fake the funk.. I like sales, I like deals and there are certain stuff I WILL NOT spend money on.

I bought this skirt online a few weeks back and found the perfect red top to match with it ( in my mom's closet). Knowing that just like half the clothes that I buy and never wear, I had to get a wear or two out of this one before I retired it to my closet.




Heels: ZARA 

I pride myself In explaining that you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to look good and each of my ensembles is a prime example of this. I love to shop, I love to look good but I won't spend hundreds of dollars on one piece knowing I can get 5-6 pieces that can achieve a look that gives off the impression that it was costly when it was under 500$.

Who doesn't like to get the Look For Less?






Thick Chicks are In Now???

One of the most ANNOYING feelings is being judged based on something you have NO control over.

Having a certain body type can be a blessing but also a curse. It sucks that something thats in most cases is  genetics and uncontrollable can be such a controversial issue and a “hinderance”.

Growing up,my body fluctuated ALL THE TIME.

When I first started “sprouting” or should I say before my body became what it is today I was that TALL Slim Girl. The one In the class pictures who stood in the middle, the one who all the boys made fun of or were afraid to talk too because I was either their height or taller.

I have always had an internal battle with my height and weight. I was always either feeling that I was too slim or at one point even getting too big. Being tall and “fat” was not attractive to me and I didn’t want others around me to view me how I viewed myself . My belly seemed to keep expanding yet my hips and boobs remained unmoved..


Every woman has that one thing about herself that she feels less confident about ..it may not necessarily be something that she’s insecure about but more so something that she wish she could change or rearrange about herself.

I remember being in grade 8 and thinking that maybe I should stuff my bras because all my friends has boobs while I was stuck on sports and training bras.  I remember taking my grade 8 school picture and getting the proofs back only to see two sunflower seeds sticking out from my tan La senza Girl Shirt.  I knew I wasn’t ugly my hair was thankfully long and luscious then, but that meant nothing when all the guys around me found favour and amusement in the “developed” girls.

I couldn’t be more than 13 and was at church one Sunday Night, seated beside my sister and my friends someone imitated a then version of what we now know as “Smash or Pass”.

We were supposed to be paying attention to the service but being the hormonal kids we were, what was being preached was the last thing on our minds. I remember the guys rating my group of friends and I , my rating becoming significantly lower because of my last of breasts and filled out hips. I was insulted. I was angered at how shallow and blind these young boys were.

Did they not see my clothes and shoes?

Was my Mary J Blige flip out hair do not captivating enough?

Back then body image was viewed almost the same way it’s viewed now. The curvier more filled out females who have the perfect Hour Glass Shape get the most love.

The Day Puberty hit me



This once 00 bean stalk filled out in all the places I didn’t think I would. I never felt so beautiful in my life. The hips I had that were hidden finally decided to sprout, my behind filling out perfectly with it. I will never forget the day , Grade 11 summer going into grade 12, I guess God heard my internal cries because my hips and booty became POPPIN! This once strong bean got some bawdy hunty!



 The day my body filled out, the day that I was hoping and praying for became a blessing and a curse.

I HATE double standards. I hate when one thing is okay for someone and it’s not okay for someone else .

The day my body filled out was the day I got judged in so many ways.

“She’s having sex… look at her hips”

“The dress is nice but it draws too much attention to your hips”

“That outfit looks innapropriate because you have too much….”

Those were just SOME of the comments I got once my body filled in. The annoyance and double standard I faced for a body that I didn’t even think I would get.

I now speak for all the girls who like myself have a certain body type that they cant control. I speak for the girls with the 42 hips who deal with a constant struggle to slip into a pair of Zara and H&M jeans. One thing I hate is that we get the bad end of the stick, we have to deal with struggling to get our clothes to fit us the way we want them too and have to deal with in some cases attention we don’t want from people we don’t want the attention from just because of our body type.

Imagine me, 5’11 with 90% of my body fat being in my lower half, from the waist up looking like I am slimmer than I really am. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE my body and am thankful everyday that I was blessed with what I have NATURALLLY .. But It often times becomes an issue not even to myself but to others around me who feel intimidated, annoyed or uncomfortable with what I have.

A girl can wear the same dress as me and have a smaller body type, the dress be GLUED onto her skin and its okay… but let me put that same dress on and it becomes and immediate issue.


The thing that angers me the most. If its not okay for me its not okay for anyone. Selfish? Maybe? But I have a valid point brewing.

Different men are turned on by different things. I have a friend whose boyfriend prefers breasts over booty and I know other guys who don’t care if their girl is an A cup or can only fit in sports bras they only care about the JUNK she’s carrying in her trunk.

With that being said for people to tell me that by me wearing certain stuff Its not appropriate ( obviously they’re females saying this) It makes me question if they know the minds of all men or if they are projecting their thoughts based on their own personal insecurities.

These same girls who will complain and nit pick about the things I wear and try to make me feel unsure and insecure about my body are the same girls who follow Dr. Miami on Snapchat saving their coins to get Brazilian Butt Lifts and S-curve surgeries.


Other the years despite my intense weight fluctuation  I have grown to love my sometimes size 8 sometimes size 10 body regardless of the comments and snares of the irrelevant.

As I Jump to get into my Fashion Nova jeans semi bending my shellac and bio gel manicure In the process I stare at my booty in the mirror, smile flip my Brazilian 22 inch weave over my shoulders and say to myself