Everyone has their own personal reasons for liking and potentially disliking the season that is Spring.

For me.. Spring means/meant

  • One Day Closer to My Birthday ( April 17th)
  • I don’t have to use my car starter
  • Easter
  • One Season away from Summer.

Some people HATE rain, HATE gloomy weather and HATE the dampness associated with Spring.

When I was a child I remember being so excited for March, being anxious for March Break and then overly anxious for April to come and the gifts, surprises and fulfillment that my birthday month came with.

Growing up it’s so funny how life changes and the meaning of certain things transform. Over the last few months I have had my doubts. Doubts about the direction of my life, my future and the things Ive wanted to do long term . I am usually that person who does my  birthday countdown MONTHS before because of how excited I am for my big day. This year I found myself cringing the idea of being 2-7. I didn’t harass my girls like I usually do, no mass texts about any huge birthday extravaganza  that I wanted to host.. NOTHING.

I was so consumed with my weight not being where I wanted it to be, my hair not cooperating, my job stressing me out and my side hustles becoming more of a task than a passion, that everything else didn’t matter. I didn’t realize what was coming up.


Tuesday March 20th.- FIRST DAY OF SPRING.

Spring symbolizes new beginnings/ new life according to every book, author,  tv personality, wikipedia page and google search.

Spring is usually the time the gyms are packed with more people struggling to attain the perfect Summer body, cutting back on the carbohydrates and stocking up on their fruits and veggies. As winter was the time for hibernating, all that happy weight finds its end once Spring rolls around.

New Beginning.

Fresh flowers blooming, the produce and crops that dried out and withered from the harsh winter conditions begin to bud again, giving hope to a new FRESH start.

Yes, thats it.

Spring Is all about fresh starts.

Let go of that EX, Quit that draining job, Trim your ends and cut out those heavy late night meals. Spring is all about transformations, the leaves that once blanketed the ground are  sprouting once again on the trees that were suffocated by snow and frost.

Forgetting all the stresses , Spring brings a new hope, the chance to be able to start over again REGARDLESS of your mistakes, short comings and previous calamity.

Life Lesson:

Growing up I was the definition of a cry baby, my mom always used to tell me “April showers bring May flowers” .

Back then I didn’t realize just how significant that saying was until I grew older and really took in the meaning behind it in a deeper way.

All the frustration and tears and hurt that may happen during the Spring/ April season will produce wealth, joy, substance and opportunity in May. Spring brings a promise that every end has a new beginning,  there is INDEED a light at the end of the tunnel and your past conditions are not your conclusions.

Without the Rain from Spring life form as we know it wouldn’t exist.

Really think about it.

According to WIKIPEDIA:

“In meteorology, precipitation is any product of the condensation of atmospheric water vapor that falls under gravity.[2] The main forms of precipitation include drizzle, rain, sleet, snow, graupel and hail. Precipitation occurs when a portion of the atmosphere becomes saturated with water vapor, so that the water condenses and “precipitates”.”

Precipitation is one of the MOST important stages in the water cycle. If the water that evaporates doesn’t come back down then all life form that depends on water will die. We need it to rain to live.

We need to go through hell to truly overcome. How can one be considered a overcomer if they’ve never been through anything?


If you are going through HELL, I mean everything seems to be going wrong, just know it is an indication that your May flowers are on their way.

I say this in the most Spiritual/ Non Spiritual way possible:

God would never allow us to go through continual seasons of pain and frustration. Consider this the best time to do Spring Cleaning.


  1. DETOX: Get Rid of ALL the things in your life that could potentially be holding you back.
  2. TRY AGAIN: Any venture, relationship, idea that you wanted to whole heartedly pursue but had your idea shut down, give It another try.
  3. COMMIT: In this season whatever you say you are going to do .. DO IT. Stay committed and passionate, if you feel yourself losing your tenacity find ways to pump yourself up and keep your momentum up.


You’ve been given the chance to start fresh, your slate is clean.

Spring Forward.





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  1. This post touched my heart.

    This is encouragement, a reminder that i am in the right direction.

    Bless you

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