26 Things 26 Taught Me.

I have got to be the most PRO-Birthday person I know. I genuinely enjoy holidays but most of all I  love Birthdays. Every year I do a countdown from January 1st, reminding my mom, dad, sister and friends of how close my special day is. I don’t know if its because all my birthday memories from my adolescent years are a blur but the older I got the more my birthdays meant to me.

Each year, each birthday that passed life has taught me something new, something that has left a deep impact on me and altered the way I view not only life itself but the situations life brings.

That’s one thing I love about life, each mistake , heartbreak, happy moment and confounding moment prepares us for what is to come later on. At that exact moment we may not realize it because our vision and judgment is clouded by pain and despair, but as time goes on and new experiences surface its those past memories and life changing circumstances that build us.

My 26 years on earth have taught me many many MANY life lessons that I will use as learning tools to not only better my life but help the lives of others around me.

In my 26 years I have lost love, fell in love, gained friends, lost friends, gave up, considered moving away, completed university, started a company, shaved off all my hair, been betrayed, been lied on, lied on someone, made bad decisions and the list goes on…

Of all my decisions and lessons, I’ve decided to share the Top 26 things that my 26 years on planet earth has taught me.




  1. Some things are not worth losing a friendship over.

  2. Guard your heart. Sometimes a broken heart can’t be mended.

  3. Regardless of what others may think sometimes you have to do things for yourself, don’t be afraid to be selfish at times.

  4. You are never too old to go back to school, education has no age restriction.

  5. Don’t be so hard on yourself, your time will come. Even when others around you may be flourishing and excelling beyond belief, know that God didn’t forget you and your “glow -up” is coming.

  6. Don’t be afraid to give Love a chance regardless of your past. One’s trash is another’s treasure, you can’t give up on something just because of one bad experience.

  7. READ READ READ. Edify your mind.

  8. Plan Ahead.

  9. Stay Focused on your goals. It just takes one moment for you to get distracted and get pushed back.

  10. Give 2nd chances but be wise.

  11. Whatever dreams you have if its affordable and attainable do it.

  12. Don’t close yourself off from society, you never know who you could potential meet.

  13. NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK. Your connections can speak for you i certain circumstances and couhe for your credentials.

  14. Health is Wealth be mindful of what you put In your body and feed your soul.

  15. Stop living to please others!.

  16. What God has for YOU is for YOU, no matter how many people may try to imitate what you’re doing, stay true to the course  he has for your life.

  17. Some good things are worth waiting for, don’t rush it.

  18. Intimacy is something that should waited on, and done when you are mentally and emotionally stable and ready.

  19. Best Friends dont always  make the best lovers, some friendships can be ruined and lost over emotions.

  20. Let the people around you who you love know how much you love them at any and every chance you get, death is no respecter of person and once they’re gone that’s it.

  21. Don’t neglect to remember God in your day to day activities, you wont realize how much you need him until your back is against the wall and you’re left with no other options.

  22. Confide in someone, don’t keep everything inside, the more you bottle up the easier it is for you to self combust .

  23. Experience is your best guide, some things  can’t be taught or read about, you have to “experience” it firsthand to be able to have an authentic outlook.

  24. Save your money, don’t foolishly splurge on things that can’t contribute to your future . It may seem beneficial at the time of but the economy is changing and some “investments” we think are wise will prove to be foolish as time goes on.

  25. Travel as much as you can while you are single and able. The world is so big and full of so many adventures, you will never know what you missed out on if you remain hidden within the comfortable walls of your home.

  26. Never force yourself on anyone, if someone wants what you want it will be evident you will never have to ask. Authentic- Organic- Vibes are the best it creates long lasting friendships and relationships.

As I enter into my 27th year of life I would only hope each lesson I have learned will continue to impact my future and help build me into the strong woman I aspire to be.

Cheers to 27 more years.



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