What’s My Price?

The Average Person walks into a store, picks up an item or item(s) of interest and one of the first thoughts that come to mind once they have established that the item in hand is of interest is…

“What is the Price?/ How much does this cost?”

Naturally we know nothing in life is free and if the illusion is given that it is free ……..there has to be some sort of catch. Let me reassure you that this post has nothing to do with the price of rice in China nor the influx in the price of a McChicken Combo. ( now $9.50)

I believe everyone has a “Price”, as bad as that my sound. I used to believe that there were people in this world that did stuff out of the kindness of their heart, but man was I wrong and was it not a shocker when life showed me that my ideals were untrue and almost a fairytale.

In Hollywood time and time again there have been altercations and interactions between the protagonist and antagonist, where one “willingly” offers assistance giving off the illusion that they are doing this out of the kindness of their heart with no string attached. On many occasions we have seen characters coming back for what was “owed” to them after doing an act of kindness or lending a hand concerning a situation. Even though its Hollywood and not “real”, these same situations can be seen in real life scenarios.

Nothing in life is FREE. And I will stress it over and over and over again.

I believe that in life everyone has a price. There are times when females/male will say there are things they are willing and not willing to do based off of seeing others doing it and succeeding or failing. I can admit there have been many things I have said OUT LOUD that I swore I would never do and low and behold… I ended up doing it. I told myself there were certain men I would never entertain.. 8 months later.. found myself on a FULL blown date. There have been environments I promised myself were an automatic NO.. yet somehow found myself in them after repeatedly saying it wasn’t my “scene”.

I have seen men using materialistic possessions to try and gain my affection. They’ve used luxury cars, high-end dinners, aged liquor and their interpretation of “smooth” words to entice me. Don’t get me wrong, I love nothing more than having a man care for me and wine and dine me.. but at what cost?

There are so many females I know taking up offers to be flown out “just because”, have their bodies paid for.. “just because” and given money to assist at a time of need, told that it’s a kind gesture and they’re trying to help out a friend. Im not knocking anyones hustle, if thats what you think you have to do to pay the bills then do YOU sis.. I just know for myself It’s something I don’t condone.

I refuse to have sex with a man for a vacation, my bills paid or luxurious items. My body is worth MUCH more than a paid trip to Bermuda, a car or even a designer bag. I have struggled with loving who I am for too long to allow myself to stoop to a place where someone has control over me to that extent. I don’t want anyone to be able to look at me, see what I have accomplished, a car I have or a vacation I was apart of and feel like they own me in any way. If it means I have to work harder, put in longer hours, work smarter and put certain desires aside to attain certain goals.. Im going to do it.

I feel that the world we live in promotes instant gratification. Everything is about the here and now, what we can gain that can fulfill us for this season and time, with little to NO emphasis put on the long run. Self-worth has been lost, self acceptance an old fable and identity now based on other peoples pre-concieved notions of who they think we are based off of social media posts and youtube videos.

My Body, Mind and Soul aren’t things I am willing to compromise for temporary pleasures and fixations.

So when Asked ” What can I do to win your heart.. Whats your price”. I can calmly laugh, nervously smile and proudly say.


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