What is a “Hot Girl Summa”?

“A season of being unapologetic in your glow, securing your own bags, being in your bag, embracing the body you have, laughing  more, living more, and doing the dang thing while feeling darn good

Disclaimer: This Blog post may NOT be for women who are married, engaged, courting, talking to someone or in love. Here at Simplilici Ent. we are not responsible for the actions that may be taken once this blog post is read.

Why can’t a woman be sexy without being labeled a:






I feel that double standards for men vs woman are at an all time high. Society allows men to sadly get away with stuff that us as woman are shunned or looked down upon if the roles were to be reversed.

If a man sleeps around, he is praised, given props by all his boys and acknowledged for all the conquests he has tamed and the girls he’s “greased” , “slammed”, “dig out” or just plain had sex with.


When a woman expresses herself sexually she is labeled names and titles that are degrading for indulging in the same activities as her male counterparts. She is forbidden to be sexually expressive because of the implications or the ideals that she may be giving others.

But thats not the point of this post.

I’ve found myself posting pictures embracing summer on my social media, clad in some of my summer starters getting ready to embrace what I believe the summer has to offer. Ive had this gut feeling that this summer is about to be something to talk about.

I strongly believe this summer is THAT Summer. I know during New Years eve everyone makes resolutions and say this is their year and they’re going to do XYZ, but I honestly believe this is going to be THAT summer. The Summer of wearing less and going out more ( BECAUSE IT HOT AS HECK) and being liberated from gender and societal stereotypes.

Alicias Hot Girl Summa!

Im not saying I am going to be dashing out myself nor being sexually promiscuous during this summer. Thats NOT me in any way shape or form. I am also not using this “Hot Girl Summa” as a way to promote girls doing the absolute most either. The reality is though people usually like to be “free” when it’s warm.

People usually stray away from commitment during the summer for reasons known and unknown and thats okay. I think the summer is a good time to get to explore not only the world and your city but also explore the options around you. Find out whose son is meme worthy and whose son needs to make the BLOCK list.

Imagine a summer thats stress free, toxic emotional attachments free, worry free and 100% dominated and driven by your own personal desires. A summer where you don’t have to do what others want you to do, nor are your decisions affected by perceptions.

A summer that is dedicated to going after what you want and taking the necessary steps to secure your future for months and years to come. If you have a vision, BRING IT TO LIFE, if you want to travel, BOOK THAT FLIGHT, if you want to live on the edge and step out of your comfort zone, DO IT ( but don’t over do it ).

Be in “Your Bag” and for those who have no idea what being in “your bag” means:

LADIES: Enjoy your summer. Don’t let anyone son make you look dumb, drink your flat tummy tea ( or DONT), go out more, try out new restaurants, wear what you want and don’t stress over the small and unchangeable stuff.

As women we care too much about what people think and feel and we let it affect who we want to be and where we want to go in life. I think we should dedicate this summer to not giving a DAMN. If your body isn’t “summa body” ready.. WHO CARES? We need to stop allowing the media to dictate the beauty standards for us.

Not everyone has the same body type and not everyone is going to have that perfect summer body this year, that shouldn’t stop us from throwing on our bikinis and posing up at the beach.


So when someone asked me..

” Alicia what’s your definition of a Hot Girl Summer”. I laughed, smiled and simply responded with a screen shot…

Cheers to an amazing summer Ladies.

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