I Keep Making Bad Decisions

A little Food For Thought:

I think this year I made ALOT of bad decisions.

Bad Decisions with food, outfits, MEN, and the list goes on.

One thing I find interesting about the idea of a “bad decision” is at the moment when we are about to make them, often times we try to give ourselves a pep talk or weigh the pros and cons of what we are about to do. We mentally decide if this would be something that is good or bad for our body, mental health and well being.

Should I eat this burger knowing Its empty calories?

Would it be ideal to wear this revealing outfit to a family function?

He’s been leading me on for months now, should I really be going to see him?

If I go out tonight to this party I probably will have a hard time waking up for work…

There are so many occasions when I mentally know that something I am about to do is going to hit me later and I am going to regret it ALOT, yet I try to tell myself that its “negative” for me to think a certain way or I almost go into a state of denial where I persuade myself that everything will work out fine.

Am I borderline delusional?

One thing I’ve always wanted to understand is the psychology behind a bad decision, the thought process behind what we do that in turn ends up being something considered “bad” or negative.

When I think of myself and when Im about the make a decision, often I don’t think of the repercussions of my actions and think more on the idea of instant gratification. One could even say I make certain choices just so I can get taught a lesson indirectly.

The science of behavioural economics tells us that after we’ve made a decision, even an illogical one, we tend to cling to it.

Ive literally had situations where Ive had to give myself a pep talk post- bad decision after all the emotional damage was done and I was left in a bad place. This Summer…


Summer is Over.

I can no longer attribute my bad decision making to the heat, can’t say that the hot Toronto weather is negatively affecting my decision making process, withholding me from doing /saying the right thing.

I personally feel that for myself when it comes to certain decisions I make, the fear of either getting hurt, having to deal with the realities of my almost 30 years on earth and even the idea of having be rational are contributing factors to my BAD DECISIONS.

Getting a tattoo on my……..- BAD DECISION

Bleaching my hair that I am trying to grow back- BAD DECISION

Entertaining someone I know is no good for me in every way – BAD DECISION

Some days I literally have to question if I should give up or just keep chasing pavements, even if it leads no whereeeeeeeeee ( insert cool Music Sign Emoji). I question if my decision was smart, I question if it will have an effect on me in years to come, I question if I will wake up one morning and just be fed up with life because of decisions I’ve made.

I think the next step once a bad decision has been made is to not just acknowledge it but consciously decide that it is something you can’t do again, learn from your mistakes and MOVE ON.

People like to throw our failures, bad decisions and screw-ups in our face as reminders of just how imperfect and flawed we really are. Its up to us to combat peoples beliefs and ideologies and show that even in the worst situations something good can come out of something bad.

So My Question Today:

What sparks your decisions?

Why do we do what we do and say what we say even when we know it’s the wrong thing to do?

xoxo Lici.

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