About Me.

a ♥Daughter. Designer. Friend♥

Alicia is a Environmental Studies from York University as well as a Honours Corporate Communications/ PR   Graduate from  Seneca College. If she is not reading a book, she can be found aimlessly window shopping, binge watching Netflix series or Youtubing Vegan Recipes.

Her passion for literature, art, fashion and writing led her to starting this and using it as a way of expression, a way to let people into her personal space. Her love for writing has inspired the creation of her Autobiography.

Stay Tuned.

Through Simplici she  hope to express herself, show my love for food, fashion and most importantly God.

Grab a bag of SmartFood Popcorn, a Small bag of Kernels or a Low fat Air Popped Generic Brand Popcorn, or if you’re vegan a bag of Gluten Free Dairy Free Preservatives Free Snack  and get ready to experience life with Lici.



Alicia S. H




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