The Value Of Life.

I never realized just how precious the Gift  Of Life was until It was almost taken away from me. Some of you may not know but November 11th 2015 my life was almost taken from me in a car accident .  My entire life , all 24.5 years have been spent sheltered. By sheltered I […]

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Esther’s Eyes:

So… For my last year of University I had to write a book for one of my classes. Being the creative but EXTRA female that I am, I had to go ALL out, and by all out I mean the works. I designed a cover, had it printed in a small physical book size EVERYTHING. […]

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Rise of the Video Vixen: Black Female

Disclaimer: This Post may not be for everyone, There may be things said that may offend some! CAUTION: View with an open mind! Four¬†years ago while Attending York University I took an “African American” class that dealt with the lives, struggles and progresses of African American peoples. Being a black woman I thought this would […]

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My BIG Black Face

Growing up and looking at the effects of Popular culture on the formation of the physical facial features of black woman I am not surprised that so many cosmetic surgeries were happening when I was younger.¬† I recall people like Janet Jackson investing in changing her nose, and lips and cheeks to conform her looks […]

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Who Likes Blogs Anymore?

I over-analyze. Or at least that’s what I think. I could possibly just be looking at things normally and everyone else isn’t. I cry way too much. It doesn’t matter what the movie, book or play may be as soon as a romantic scenes come a discharge of moisture comes out of my eyes and […]

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