26 Things 26 Taught Me.

I have got to be the most PRO-Birthday person I know. I genuinely enjoy holidays but most of all I  love Birthdays. Every year I do a countdown from January 1st, reminding my mom, dad, sister and friends of how close my special day is. I don’t know if its because all my birthday memories […]

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Parents vs. Passion

I want to be a painter. I wanted to be a race car driver. I wanted to be a fashion designer. The list of what I thought my potential was, was endless.. Being young and a dreamer I thought I could do it all just like the kids on Barney and all other juvenile programs […]

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Everyone has their own personal reasons for liking and potentially disliking the season that is Spring. For me.. Spring means/meant One Day Closer to My Birthday ( April 17th) I don’t have to use my car starter BUN AND CHEESE TIME Easter MORE BUN AND CHEESE FRIED FISH AND HARDO BREAD One Season away from […]


The Title: Labeling Relationships

Some people are content with ” Ain’t nobody’s business, We both know what it is, What’s understood doesn’t need to be explained relationships” OR as I like to call them “situation-ships”. The situation  is you’re not good enough to get a title? ^ We will revisit that again shortly. There are women and even men […]

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I Made It.

Have you ever felt like you were literally at wits end, like everything around you was crashing and blowing up in your face and no matter how HARD you’ve tried to make things work It’s like you just keep hitting…. B-R-I-C-K WALLS! That has been the story of my life for the last 2 years. […]

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Men CANT Handle Strong Woman?

Ever had a guy become immediately intimidated once finding out you have a certain job, drive a certain car or make a certain amount of money? I have come across men in my lifetime who have shown me signs of intimidation upon hearing certain things about my life. Disclaimer: I don’t have millions in my […]

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