I guess I’m not REAL Enough

Society preaches that we should do what makes us happy, do what makes us feel truly “ourselves” and in tune with who we are or want to potentially be.  My entire life I found myself being judgmental and narrow minded when it came to anything that was body image, enhancement or aesthetics related. I guess […]

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I HATE Social Media

Yes. I will be the First to Admit It I HATE SOCIAL MEDIA. I hate Facebook, I hate Twitter, Turned off By SnapChat and Loathe Instagram. I hate how consumed and dependant we are on social media. I hate that I wake up in the morning, and before I thank my creator for life I […]

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Thick Chicks are In Now???

One of the most ANNOYING feelings is being judged based on something you have NO control over. Having a certain body type can be a blessing but also a curse. It sucks that something thats in most cases is  genetics and uncontrollable can be such a controversial issue and a “hinderance”. Growing up,my body fluctuated […]

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Im Fake Too.

I remember when I was younger and TV was Good.  Back in the late 90’s early 2000’s when : Saved By The Bell Fresh Prince Full House Family Matters All That The Nanny Sister Sister The Cosby Show Boy Meets World Lizzy McGuire That’s So Raven Used to be the Hit shows. I remember the […]

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