I’m NOT my Types Type.

Ive been holding off on posting this specific Blog Post. I think because its so personal and can be taken in so many ways… I didn’t want anyone to read it and judge me or look at me differently . But then I realized that this entire blog has been about me being honest, real […]

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I Made It.

Have you ever felt like you were literally at wits end, like everything around you was crashing and blowing up in your face and no matter how HARD you’ve tried to make things work It’s like you just keep hitting…. B-R-I-C-K WALLS! That has been the story of my life for the last 2 years. […]

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I HATE Social Media

Yes. I will be the First to Admit It I HATE SOCIAL MEDIA. I hate Facebook, I hate Twitter, Turned off By SnapChat and Loathe Instagram. I hate how consumed and dependant we are on social media. I hate that I wake up in the morning, and before I thank my creator for life I […]

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Thick Chicks are In Now???

One of the most ANNOYING feelings is being judged based on something you have NO control over. Having a certain body type can be a blessing but also a curse. It sucks that something thats in most cases is  genetics and uncontrollable can be such a controversial issue and a “hinderance”. Growing up,my body fluctuated […]

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Who Am I? 

Life is what we make IT? How we live our lives is ultimately up to us. Growing up I always dreamed of having this lavish life. I could recall on many occasions playing Barbie’s and playing dress up and making Kelly and Barbie and sometimes on a good day even Tommy live this extravagant life […]

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