I Keep Making Bad Decisions

A little Food For Thought: I think this year I made ALOT of bad decisions. Bad Decisions with food, outfits, MEN, and the list goes on. One thing I find interesting about the idea of a “bad decision” is at the moment when we are about to make them, often times we try to give […]

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I’m NOT my Types Type.

Ive been holding off on posting this specific Blog Post. I think because its so personal and can be taken in so many ways… I didn’t want anyone to read it and judge me or look at me differently . But then I realized that this entire blog has been about me being honest, real […]

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I Miss My Ex.

Have you ever sat down and tried to rationalize what the root of your personal insecurities, lack of confidence and overall outlook on certain life situations stems from? A lot of women ( + men) leave relationships emotionally scared and damaged. He said/ She said. He did/She did situations leave the involved individuals confused and […]

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What’s My Price?

The Average Person walks into a store, picks up an item or item(s) of interest and one of the first thoughts that come to mind once they have established that the item in hand is of interest is… “What is the Price?/ How much does this cost?” Naturally we know nothing in life is free […]

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Dear Black Men

Viewer Discretion is Advised. Dear BLACK MEN: Your kinks, coils and strength amuse me and I am proud to be your woman. I admire your perseverance even during adversity and your willingness to go against the stereotypical grain fed by society saying who YOU are. You are so powerful and the world is scared that […]

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